The Company

The Friendly Net Company was established in 2006. At present we employ several dozen well qualified and experienced workers. Friendly Net willingly takes part in all trade events so that we are always up to date with all the latest solutions and developments in the field of electricity and telecommunications industry. Our employees put much effort into continuous development by attending training sessions and courses.


In Friendly Net we design, produce and provide maintenance services to all electrical and telecommunication technology systems.  Our Company has a wide range of equipment and materials necessary to build both electrical and telecommunication installations. We use only high-quality materials and top-brands equipment.


Using our experience and knowledge we provide excellent services to all our Customers. Each order is customized to our Clients’ requirements, performed with special care, precision and always on time. We offer comprehensive services including design, installation, servicing and maintenance.  Our solutions are used in office buildings, public buildings, warehouses, production halls, blocks of flats and residential settlements.


We would like to encourage you to check our offer and use our services.