Working hours registration systems

Employers often wonder how to quickly and correctly calculate the working time of their employees. Time and attendance recording system is a perfect solution, especially that it helps with human resources management. The system allows easy calculation of overtime hours, lateness, business meetings, etc., as it registers people leaving and entering the building giving the exact time and date.  It also allows to keep employee attendance records and timesheets according with the regulations included in the Labour Code.


Time and attendance records are made through scanning personalised access cards, which allow employees to register leaving and entering their workplace. Each card has a unique number which allows employee identification.


The system automatically counts working hours for each employee including business trips, night shifts, days off and other absences.


It replaces paper timesheets and fulfils Labour Law regulations regarding the obligation to keep paper or electronic timesheets and attendance record for each employee.  Electronic documents are not only environmentally friendly, owing to the limited usage of paper, but are also the sign of progress and development.