Renewable energy sources support

Continuously growing eco-awareness and environmental care makes systems of supporting renewable energy resources more and more popular. In order to meet your expectations we offer full design and installation of renewable energy resources support systems. 


We offer solar energy panels which absorb energy from the sun and transform it into heat energy. Such investments allow to reduce daily energy consumption, which is the result of water heating and central heating.


Our company provides heat pump services which transform natural heat energy. They allow us to gain energy from the ground, water or air and  use it further for house heating, cooling or heating   water used in the building.  Heat pumps improve the comfort of living, are eco-friendly and safe to use. They may be installed both during house renovations or during construction.


We put much effort into the development in the field of photovoltaic systems which allow the transformation of solar light into electricity. Owing to photovoltaic elements and solar panels it is possible to produce electricity from solar light. Photovoltaic technology is commonly used as a power source for different stand-alone devices. Photovoltaic cells are also used in electronic devices and in households.


We can also create charging points for eco-friendly electric vehicles. It is necessary to create a proper charging infrastructure  in order to  propagate electric cars. To allow current and future electric cars users to charge their vehicles easily and efficiently it is necessary to create a proper charging infrastructure. At  present charging terminals are available only in several large cities in Poland.