Intercoms and video intercoms

Intercoms and video intercoms are very popular devices used for houses or building security. Their aim is to help us identify the visitors and remotely control the entry lock system.


Intercoms provide a connection between the handset located inside the building and the panel placed near the entrance to the premises or house. There are two main types of intercoms. Analogue intercoms, besides their main function, may serve as internal phones for the staircase. Digital intercoms, however, have advanced features such as choosing the flat number on the keyboard and the possibility to open the door with a unique code entered on the  keyboard.


Video intercom, besides all the functions mentioned above, gives the opportunity to see the person on the other end. Some of them are capable of taking pictures of people entering the building and archiving the images. It is possible to buy a device with a colour or black and white display.


Our company is experienced in installing intercoms and video intercoms in all types of buildings. Our services include complete wiring and installation of a specific device.