Electronic Systems

Our company deals with all kinds of electronic systems. Depending on your needs we are able to design and create a customized electronic device which will meet your needs and expectations. Some of the projects we have completed so far:



Arrangement of the surge arrestor security055


No securities which account the length of the signal on the market caused, that we designed and made  arrangement of the surge arrestor security. Device by selecting the resistor value protection system adjusts to the length of the signal line protection making it more effective. Such systems are used for installations exposed, it surges and provide greater security.



Power supplies with high power


At high concentrations of devices powered from the same voltage in one location there is a need to use power supplies with high power. To meet different requirements, we offer a wide range of power supplies up to 800VA. Any power supplies with high power are designed according to the needs and wishes of our customers.



Microphone preamplifier


The preamplifier is powered by a direct voltage of 230V. This device enables to connect the microphone about the symmetrical exit, with Phantom tension. The system is equipped with a pre-gain stage of reinforcement with the possibility of its regulation and  the linear outing. The preamplifier has been designed with the aim of connecting microphones (type shotgun) to accessing the linear recorder of the vision and cameras of the CCTV system.



Court hearing system


029Court hearing system consists of three elements: setter hearing with the microphone,  the outside display and the loudspeaker. Setter hearing enables to place the number of the process and information about the break in the hearing. This information appears on setter hearing equipped with alphanumeric display and also appears on the external display placed on the court hall. Additionally, setter hearing is equipped with the microphone which enable sending the vocal announcement beyond the courtroom. The outside display is announcing about the number of the process taking place and the possible break in the hearing. An advantage of the system is a selected individually loudspeaker which can be assembled both in the ceiling, as well as on the wall. Setter hearing was made in the aesthetic wooden casing which color has been chosen to suit the judge’s table.