telewizja przemyslowaCCTV (closed-circuit television) has become a very popular and easily obtainable tool used for security purposes. It provides supervision over rooms and areas covered by the CCTV system, which highly improves safety. This system may be used regardless of the size of the building.


There are two main types of CCTV. In the first group we can find systems based on the analogue signal (analogue systems). The other type is represented by devices working with the digital signal which is transmitted using the IP protocol (digital systems). The latest CCTV systems are based on digital cameras and specially designed software used to control them. In such systems a camera converts an image into a digital form and then transmits it through an IP network directly to a computer with specific software installed on it.



Systems based on IP cameras allow the management of images from an unlimited number of cameras. They also enable the audio-visual data storage and give access to this information.


Modern cameras are capable of data storage, depending on the Client’s needs and expectations. All functions can be used remotely from any location via Internet access. It is therefore possible to access the video data from any device connected to the network.