Telecommunications installations

Nowadays, technology is present in almost every aspect of our lives. It helps us at work, at home and during our time off. We encounter a variety of technological solutions on a daily basis. They facilitate our work, care for our safety, or even replace us in certain activities. Technological development has made our lives easier and safer, but all these improvements need to be properly designed and neatly produced.


Friendly Net designs and installs various types of telecommunications technology systems. Our offer includes:


  • Fire detection systems - detecting fire within very short time and therefore providing effective fire protection



  • CCTV improving security through a system of video cameras  placed around the property




  • Building management systems allowing you to gain control over the whole house, office or warehouse through the use of a unified system which connects various devices and installations


  • On Call systems which guarantee safety to people in hospitals, hotels or in penitentiary facilities


  • Integrated IT systems allowing the accumulation of data from various sources in order to improve work efficiency and security